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WinZip Registry Optimizer; Powerful optimize (Cracked Ver)

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Published date: 3 May 2022
15 September 2022 on 2:56 am

WinZip Registry Optimizer

WinZip Computing LLC is a leading Canadian software company. It’s, in turn, owned by the Corel Corporation, one of Canada’s biggest software companies. Corel acquired WinZip in 2006 for an undisclosed amount.

WinZip Registry Optimizer is one of many system optimization and security software products sold by WinZip. The WinZip Driver Updater, Malware Protector, and Privacy Protector are other notable ones.

WinZip Registry Optimizer released the first version of WinZip Registry Optimizer over a decade ago. Since then, it has released many more updated versions, including the latest in 2022.

We’re reviewing WinZip Registry Optimizer to help you determine whether it’s a suitable tool for you.  We’ll judge it based on specific criteria, including features, pricing, user-friendliness, customer support, etc.


The primary feature of WinZip Registry Optimizer is to scan your Windows registry and identify any invalid entries. An invalid entry could be a duplicate, outdated, or corrupt one. The software lets you identify and quickly delete them.

Your Windows registry is a hierarchical database that stores settings referenced by the Windows operating system and its installed programs. Having this database free from clutter improves the response time of your operating system and thus your PC’s overall performance.

WinZip Registry Optimizer View

Once you launch WinZip Registry Optimizer, the “Start Scan” button is the most prominent feature. Clicking this button kicks off a scan that quickly identifies and reports unnecessary registry entries. Afterward, you can delete these entries with the click of a button.

Our test scan took about a minute, and it reported 296 unnecessary registry entries. Out of these entries, it recommends you to “remove” or “consider removing” them. ‘Remove’ is a recommendation to delete them immediately. ‘Consider removing’ urges you to delete them but that they’ll likely be recreated later by the responsible application.

You can delete the detected registry entries individually or collectively with the click of a button. Free users have to do that separately. Only premium users can delete them in one stretch.

You can set schedules for WinZip Registry Optimizer to automatically scan your PC’s registry and show you the results. It could be daily, weekly, monthly, and so on. This feature ensures that you continually delete redundant registry entries without opening the app every time.

WinZip Registry Optimizer also includes a “startup manager” that lets you control which programs start automatically once your computer boots up.

Interface and in use

It’s easy to download, install, and use WinZip Registry Optimizer. We downloaded the setup file directly from the official website without stress. After that, installing it took less than a minute, and we began using the app.

WinZip Registry Optimizer has a friendly, neat user interface. All features fit into just three main menu bars, so you can easily access them. The software is also multi-lingual, supporting over two-dozen languages.


WinZip provides customer support through email only. A detailed FAQ page for WinZip Registry Optimizer is also available on the official website.

The competition

There are many competing products to WinZip Registry Optimizer, such as Wise Registry Cleaner and ReviverSoft Registry Reviver. They offer similar features and are comparably priced.

Why should I get WinZip Registry Optimizer from Soft360?

As you are aware, you have to pay a lot of money to get the premium version of WinZip Registry Optimizer, but we are with you as always and we will provide the cracked version of WinZip Registry Optimizer to you dear ones who will be able to prepare the cracked version according to the installation guide. The cracked version is ready for you for free and WinZip Registry Optimizer will be installed easily in the cracked way.

If you also need a patch, you can install the relevant patch in the patch folder with its special version and use the relevant patch to upgrade your software to the premium version.

Final verdict

WinZip Registry Optimizer is a perfect tool to take care of your Windows registry. It ensures to identify and eliminate any invalid registry entries to make your PC faster. It’s a helpful tool for every type of PC user.

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