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windows repair toolbox last version with crack free

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Published date: 4 June 2022
13 September 2022 on 10:16 pm

windows repair toolbox


windows repair toolbox

windows repair toolbox Application software that provides the user with the possibility of repairing, updating, cleaning and upgrading the performance of the Windows operating system by using comprehensive and practical tools.

Windows Repair Toolbox has a regular and efficient user interface that includes several tabs, and these tabs offer various functions to repair, clean, analyze and improve the performance of the operating system to the user.


Almost everything you need to repair Windows problems in one small handy tool. Windows Repair Toolbox is a portable program that helps you repair a Windows system, by making the process faster, easier and more consistent.

The main window of this program allows you to preview and select tools to check or correct processes, recover lost data, make backups or safely delete programs.
Other features of this program is the ability to remove malware that if Slow performance of the system due to the presence of a virus can use its tools. Hitman Pro, ComboFix, Kaspersky and Microsoft Safety Scanner are some of the most effective and reliable tools used in this program to remove malware.
Windows Repair Toolbox (freeware) is a portable program that helps you repair a Windows system, by making the process faster, easier, and more consistent.

windows repair toolbox


windows repair toolbox


– Download and run “on-the-fly” the best free software when it comes to diagnose and solve several kinds of Windows problems. With three exceptions, all the programs included in the toolbox are portable.

The tools are categorized by their function, and the program will automatically download the correct version for the Windows edition in which you’re working. Additionally, it will also help you keeping those tools updated. Important note: some of the tools may trigger false positive alerts from your AV (e.g.: the Nirsoft tools).

– Ability to download all the tools at once (and to keep them updated) with 1-click so that you can use the toolbox in offline computers, or simply to have all the tools already downloaded in advance.

– Ability to select several tools to run successively in unattended mode, to perform malware removal, system cleaning and repair. An email letting you know that the process is complete, and containing the logs, can be sent to you.

– Displays relevant information about the computer to be repaired: CPU temperature, name and % time; amount of RAM installed on the system and % of use; Disk model, capacity, basic health check; amount of free space left in the system partition; Windows edition and install date; System boot time; and more.

– Contains functionality to easily run the most used chkdsk, sfc and DISM commands, a GUI for the Sysinternals Suite, and gives access to Antivirus Removal Tool, a program from the developer of Windows Repair Toolbox to help identify and remove current and past (leftovers) antivirus installations.

windows repair toolbox

 Allows you to add your own favorite tools to the program.

– Allows you to change the program icon and title bar text.

– Allows you to perform quality assurance tests after the repair is complete.

– Allows you to save notes about the repair process.

– Provides 1-click access to some useful Windows tools.


Disclaimer (read carefully):

By running Windows Repair Toolbox, you accept COMPLETE responsibility for ANYTHING that happens. This tool has ZERO WARRANTY for any purpose. Run it AT YOUR OWN RISK.

All third-party tools you might download using Windows Repair Toolbox belong to their respective owners and authors and are bound by their respective licences. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to determine if you have the rights to use those third-party tools in whatever environment you use this software.

Requirements: Windows 7 through Windows 11.


windows repair toolbox

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