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Published date: 7 June 2022
13 September 2022 on 11:09 pm

typing master


typing master


typing master It is an interesting and educational software that can increase your typing speed up to 4 times. This software teaches you how to use all the keyboard keys effectively.


typing master  software will practically increase your ability by using various exercises and interesting games.


Taking professional exams from you is another feature of this powerful software, having speed in typing is one of the advantages that many users are interested in, If you are one of the people who are looking for a quick solution to increase your typing ability, this software is a convenient and easy solution. Shows you a diagram, etc.


with typing master typing master can be used as a multi-user and at the same time several users can improve their typing ability. Other good features of this product can reduce user typing errors and save money. Save your valuable time and reduce muscle fatigue and stress by typing and focusing the user in the text he writes and presents.


Capabilities of Typing Master Pro software


Optimize the duration of the activity so that the time of the exercises is determined based on your progress in accuracy and speed.

Determining a specific goal and level for the user that does not complete the accuracy of this stage of the exercise until it is reached.

Giving detailed and useful instructions instantly in the software environment Analyze your activities using satellite The software considers your weaknesses and strengths over time and informs you of them and the extent of your progress.
typing master

Learn how to use the entire keyboard, even symbols and numpads

See your progress in a graphical chart over time

Multi-exercise exercises in different environments

with  TypingMaster  Test your professional typing in comparison with the first world levels and get a complete report of your performance And …

typing master

Learn to type faster

Double your typing speed. Learn keyboarding in the fun way. Test your wpm speed and accuracy. Play top-notch typing games. Find it all from TypingMaster!

TypingMaster 11 for Windows is a complete touch typing tutor application with a real-time analysis widget. Take a free 1-week touch typing course

typing master


What productivity tool will make your life much easier?

Do you find yourself writing the same information repeatedly? Would you like to write the recurring text phrases faster? Autotext expander tool might be your newest best friend!


Our professional QuickPhrase auto text tool helps in writing of frequently used text blocks faster! Feel free to download this clipboard utility that allows you to save text snippets and insert them quickly wherever your cursor is. You can customize the keyboard shortcuts or short abbreviations to expand text magically as you type!


How long does it take to learn to touch type?


with TypingMaster You can choose how many lessons, exercises, and writing tests you will do. It takes between 6 to 10 hours to complete the entire basics course. If you prefer a shorter course, complete only the first two units of Lessons 1 – 10. The first two units of Lessons 1 – 10 will teach you the location of the alphabet keys on the keyboard.


with TypingMaster  You can choose to complete each lesson unit or you can complete just a portion of any lesson unit and move on to another lesson.


typing master

typing master

How long should I practice typing daily?


As touch-typing is a cumulative motor skill, it would be ideal to practice daily or at least every second day. Developing good keyboarding skills throughout the course is also essential. Therefore, proper touch-typing should be reinforced whenever possible, preferably for at least 15 minutes every day. Of course, this is not always possible.


Variation in motor skill acquisition is great between individuals so it is difficult to set a definite minimum or maximum limits to a keyboarding session, but, in general, short periods of practice will yield better results than very long sessions.


For best results, daily practicing periods should vary from 15 minutes to about one hour in length.



typing master





How to have a good body posture?


There are a few useful guidelines that should always be kept in mind when working on a computer. It may be a good idea to print out these guidelines and keep them near workstation so that they can be easily referred to whenever necessary.


– Do not lift your shoulders, this causes tension.

– Rest your elbows close to your body. Use armrests whenever possible.

– Do not bend or twist your neck.

– Keep your forearms and wrists in a straight line.

– Keep your fingers slightly curved.

– Keep your feet flat on the floor or on a footstool.

– Use a light touch when you write on computer.


What is the best keyboarding course to learn how to type?


TypingMaster provides a complete instructional keyboarding course leading the trainee from the basics all the way to professional, fast touch-type technique. Multi-form lessons provide optimal support for every phase of learning how to type, the results of which can be assessed anytime with a standard wpm speed test.


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2. Install the program normally.

3. Go to the crack folder and run the crack file.

4. Done Enjoy!

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