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Published date: 3 July 2022
15 September 2022 on 2:17 am



TreeSize Professional software with the help of which users are able to check the occupied space of their hard disk by different files on them.

In the TreeSize software, users can view all hard drive parts and files in the form of tree diagrams, and they can easily check and review the information about the type of file and its size.

TreeSize software has various features, among which one can search and delete similar files on the hard drive that have several copies of them scattered on different drives in the space available on the hard drive

control tool Complete a file and check its details, display all information and hard disk space in the form of circular diagrams, identify bulky files and categorize files based on their size, etc.


Using this software, you can easily manage the files and folders on your hard disk and delete the useless files that occupied your hard disk space.
Also, TreeSize software analyzes the free space on your hard drive and optimizes it 

Features of TreeSize software:

Clearing the hard drive from the system files and folders created and unused and occupying space

Displaying folders and their internal folders in a tree form along with full details

Ability to search and find duplicate files The ability to prepare a report on the status of the hard disk space in several different ways: printing, saving in the form of Excel, HTML, XML files, text files, etc.

The ability to display files along with the volume occupied on the hard drive

The ability to save all information and routes displayed in the program in XML format and reuse them in the future

Ability to compare two saved XML files created by the program to find changes in the time since the second file was created
 Unicode support in file and folder names
Display the status of hard disk space in different graphs

Support in displaying the volume and information of folders that are shared on the network

Ability to schedule the software to search the disk surface

Search for files and folders on the network

Support for NTFS compressed file, hard links and ADS

Display details about folders, files, drives in the form of column charts, pie charts, etc.

Browsing results while searching, searching multiple folders at the same time, and searching for folders and
files specified by users
File & Disk Space Management At Its Best

As multifunctional as a Swiss Army knife is the market-leading file and disk space manager TreeSize.

The software analyses all stored data across your systems and visualizes the results in meaningful charts and statistics.

Find out where your disk space has gone at a glance and take immediate action if necessary. For this purpose, TreeSize provides you with a wide range of file management options.

With our all-round performer you have a multi-tool in your hand to organize your storage systems and to get your valuable storage space back.

The world-renowned solution is optimized for handling large file volumes and complements Windows Explorer.

A high degree of automation is enabled by command line parameters and management of scans scheduling directly in a comfortable, graphical user interface

Cross-system Disk Space Management
Scan Windows, WebDAV, and SharePoint servers, any mobile devices, Amazon S3, and Unix/Linux systems via SSH! See the size of all folders including subfolders and break it down to the file level.
Highly Customizable File Search
Search for files and folders using a number of different criteria. Archive, copy or move the found results!
Check for duplicate files using a powerful duplicate file search, optionally with MD5 or SHA256 checksums and easily deduplicate files using hardlinks.
Versatile Exporting and Reporting
Export scan and search results to many formats such as Excel, XML, HTML, PDF, text/CSV file, clipboard, or email. You can also easily automate the exports using command line options.


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