Total Network Inventory Pro Full Crack (last Version)

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Published date: 19 May 2022
19 June 2022 on 11:21 pm

Total Network Inventory

Total Network Inventory

Introducing Total Network Inventory PC audit and software inventory management solution.

Network scanning

Windows, OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and ESX/ESXi-based computers and servers can be scanned without preinstalled agents – you just need to know the administrator’s password. Scan single nodes, network address ranges, or Active Directory structure.


Inventory management

Each computer only takes up several dozen kilobytes in the centralized TNI storage. Group assets, add comments to them, and attach additional information. Total Network Inventory 5 will show your network in all its beauty!



Create flexible reports on different data categories. Build table reports with hundreds of available data fields using the convenient tool. Reports can be copied, exported, or printed, and the search feature shows the results before you even finish typing.


Change log

Detect and browse changes in hardware and software. Know when an application is installed, uninstalled or updated on any computer in your network, see hardware being connected or removed, disk space usage dynamics and much, much more.


Task scheduler Total Network Inventory

Automate routine data collection and export tasks. Create both single and repeated tasks for pending scan sessions, reporting, data import and export. Every day? On Fridays? On first Monday of every month? Any time! Create a schedule for different tasks and keep your inventory up-to-date.


And more…

Generate a network map; create a database of your network users; store a number of passwords for different assets and protocols; follow the online status of assets in real-time. These and many other features of our network inventory software will save you a lot of effort and stress during network audits.


Total Network Inventory

What does it take?

Total Network Inventory : Administrator password only. No preinstalling agents on the remote computers or any other preparations for a network audit. Install Total Network Inventory 5 on a single computer and you will possess the information about your whole network in a few minutes.


Really smart scanner

Just tell the program what you need to scan, and it starts to discover your network: finds all the nodes in IP range, shows the list of workgroup computers, and extracts the domain structure. Select the nodes, specify logins and passwords for single assets or groups, and click Start scan.

In just a few minutes, the scanning is done, and the gathered data is placed into the TNI storage. Your PC and Mac inventory is ready to use.


Synchronization with Active Directory

Within domain networks, data stored by TNI can be synchronized with Active Directory. This allows you to instantly reproduce the hierarchy of AD objects in the program and get a list of all users and computers in the domain. Using Task scheduler, AD synchronization can be automated in the same way as scanning.



Scheduled scanning

Create a list of assets that you need to scan later or repeatedly and tell TNI when you want them scanned. Create complex temporal triggers using the scheduler:


Everything you need for hardware accounting

Attach notes, inventory numbers and additional text, as well as price and date fields to your computers. All of the data will be stored in a single place, always at hand. Hardware inventory has never been so easy and flexible.


Table reports

Report constructor allows for presenting any asset inventory data in a convenient and descriptive table. What data will appear in your reports is totally up to you.

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2. Install the program normally.

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4. Done Enjoy!

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