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RollBack Reboot Restore Rx Pro 12.0 Full Crack

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Published date: 2 October 2022
30 October 2022 on 11:47 pm

RollBack Reboot

RollBack Reboot Restore Rx Pro

RollBack Reboot Restore Rx (formerly Drive Vaccine) prevents any and all changes made on your drive(s) making those PCs bulletproof and unbreakable. It is designed for public access computing environments such as schools, computer labs, kiosks, hotels, internet cafes, and libraries.

“We understand it takes a certain fortitude to service PCs in the public domain where users are not always careful and computer usage is high. That is why we built Reboot Restore Rx Pro to be fast, effective, and efficient. Regardless of what a user does (including erasing files, installing software, or even hacking the system registry) Reboot Restore Rx Pro will automatically restore the PC to your desired system state on a schedule you set.”


RollBack Reboot


RollBack Restore Rx crack drastically reduces computer maintenance and is widely used to protect public access computers (ex. library public computers, school PC labs, etc.) or shared computing environments where a workstation could be damaged either intentionally or accidentally by a PC user.

RollBack Restore Rx crack ensures workstation performance is at optimal levels by removing website cookies, spyware, viruses, and unnecessary plug-ins; which can cause system bottlenecks. Any infections to an “immunized” system are instantly eradicated — workstations are reverted back to their original configuration on every restart, log-off, or on any fixed schedule. Because It does not restrict access and is invisible to users, users feel as though they have complete control of the machine, enhancing the computing experience.

Viruses and spyware are the most common threats, and new infections slip through the cracks daily. In addition, users can also cause inadvertent damage to PCs by tampering with configuration settings, or by installing botched software. Reboot Restore Rx Professional (formerly Drive Vaccine) helps maintain a consistent baseline — free of any malware or system changes.


Features :

  • RollBack Reboot Restore Rx doesn’t impact performance
  • Can be remotely managed and deployed (Enterprise Version)
  • RollBack Reboot Restore Rx only takes 0.1% of total hard disk space.
  • Supports virtually unlimited snapshots.
  • Takes less than 3 seconds to create a new snapshot.
  • Creates a complete system snapshot without restarting the system.
  • Create new snapshots manually, automatically or upon file execution.
  • Recovers corrupted or deleted files from any snapshots easily and quickly.
  • Restores a completely crashed system to any snapshot in seconds.
  • Reverts file histories from any of the 60,000snapshots.
  • Restores entire system to any of the 60,000 snapshots.
  • Restores system to any snapshot with data synchronization.
  • Configure the system to automatically restore to a snapshot of your choice.
  • Highly configurable interface – hide program interface from end users.
  • RollBack Reboot Restore Rx ,includes dynamic disk space management.
  • Contains intelligent disk space monitoring.
  • Offers flexible and powerful access control.
  • Supports Multi-boot systems and VM Ware.
  • Consists of multi-partition protection selection.
  • Incorporates quick reset of system baseline.
  • Offers detailed program operation logging.
  • Supports all industry standard deployment options.
  • Provides completely hands-free, silent background installations.
  • RollBack Restore Rx crack ,includes configuration during installation. Customizes the program upon installation.
    And much more…
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