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Published date: 15 May 2022
19 June 2022 on 7:52 am

Net Monitor

Net Monitor

Net Monitor is an established method used by many companies to help prevent and detect data breaches that can cost their business a fortune.

It is an effective way to boost workers engagement and optimize working processes.

Computer monitoring gives companies an overall picture of how work is done in and out of the office.

Employee Activity Tracking Will Help You

Workers may become disengaged when working remotely.

By using computer surveillance software an organization can lower risk and become more profitable.

Gathered data can be used for analyzing bottelnecks, unusual patterns, and other potential issues.

All this can help managers to improve the business process to gain productivity


Computer Monitoring, Staff Activity Tracking, Desktop Recording, Reporting…

Tracking your staff, preventing insider threats or just helping your workers can be difficult without proper computer monitoring and tracking software.

Luckily Net Monitor for Employees Pro contains a lot of features that will help you to track all your employee activity. Here are some of those features:


Cloud Supported Net Monitor

Our Cloud solution allows you to monitor computers that are not directly connected to your network.

This can be very useful if your employees are traveling or they are working from home.

Using a Cloud connection you will be able to monitor them form any location in the world where the Internet connection is available.


See How This Application Can Help You to Monitor and Track Employee Activity Inside and Outside of Your Office

Our monitoring software contains a lot of useful features that will help you to track and monitor your employees.

Net Monitor

The Logging & Reporting functionality allows you to track employee’s application or process usage, like which applications were used and for how long.

Additionally, you can gather internet browsing data to see what your employees are browsing the most.

The optional keylogger allows you to track what employees are typing into which


Use Advanced Admin Tools

Sometimes you need to act as a computer or network administrator. Our rich set of administrator tools allows you to perform various actions on a selected set of computers.

You can e.g. power on / power off / reboot computers, lock computers, disable printing, disable Ctrl+Alt+Del…

Additionally, you can also execute shell (CMD) commands, send keystrokes to all selected computers and much more.


Block Web Browsing

Employees sometimes surf the web for other non-job related stuff. Usually, this will not represent an issue, but sometimes you may want to limit access to some or all other web pages.

The application allows you to block websites by URL or by the words that they contain. You have also the ability to whitelist some web pages.

When a blocked website is visited you can either display a custom message, redirect to a different URL or just close the browser.


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