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Published date: 30 March 2022
13 September 2022 on 10:11 pm

Download medcale Full Version

(Free Download MedCalc Full Version) MedCalc is an advanced statistical software package built from the ground up to serve the needs of biomedical science researchers. With built-in spreadsheet support as input data, it can easily import data from other spreadsheet apps and formats (Excel, SPSS, Dbase, Lotus, SYLK, DIF, or even extracted from TXT files) and thus be more easily integrated into various research and education initiatives performed all around the world. At its core, MedCalc hosts support for basic parametric and non-parametric statistical procedures, tools for meta-analysis and sample size calculations, and a wide array of graph outputs (descriptive statistics, non-linear regression, logistic regressions, ANOVA, Mann–Whitney test, Wilcoxon test, χ2 test, correlation) and more.

Originally released to the public in 1993 as a DOS-only app, MedCalc received constant upgrades, eventually moving to the Windows-only space a few years later. As of today, this MedCalc represents one of the most popular biomedical research tools for statistical analysis of large datasets, curve analysis, data plotting, Bablok, and Deming regression, and more. The app has support for over 100 thousand spreadsheet rows, tools for sorting, filtering, and editing, and a built-in browser for managing all the data captured in the research studies. Tools for managing diagrams are available with a single click and include comparisons, scatter plots, subgroup graphs, support for up to 24 continuous variables, and much more).

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The app also features advanced ROC curve analysis capabilities, enabling the creation of a ROC curve graph with 95% confidence bounds and added information on specificity, sensitivity, predictive values, likelihood ratios, conclusive plots, and more.  To be more useful in larger studies, the tool can compare six ROC curves in various ways. Researchers have also praised its capability to handle missing data, calculate percentile ranks, power transformations, subgroup management, outlier detection, regression tools, and more.

Because of its complexity and wide range of usage scenarios, this app is best suited to students and researchers who have knowledge in statistics and the analysis of biomedical data.

Installation and Use

MedCalc is distributed online as a small installation package that weighs less than 30 MBs. Additionally, developers of the tool have also created a standalone free app file viewer that can be used to open .mc1 files without the need for a full MedCalc license. While Med Calc has the capability to fully modify and extract new graph insights from .md1 databases, a free viewer app can only be used to view previously set graphs and analyses.

Features and Highlights

  • Full version and without restrictions
  • Powerful statistical software package for biomedical researchers.
  • Fast, reliable, and user-friendly.
  • Well-suited for use in the education and medical environment.
  • Built-in support for over 220 statistical tests, procedures, and graphs.
  • Spreadsheet support for over 100 thousand rows of data.
  • Import tools for all popular spreadsheet file formats.
  • Optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS.
  • One edition includes all features.
  • Modest system requirements.
  • Offered for sale in four premium licensing options.
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