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Magic Office Recovery 4.2 Full Crack

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Published date: 7 November 2022

Magic Office Recovery

Magic Office Recovery

Magic Office Recovery : Various document types are available from Magic Office Recovery. Documents stored on severely damaged, formatted, and inaccessible devices can be recovered with reliability thanks to sophisticated data recovery techniques. The recovery procedure is made as simple as feasible with a simple step-by-step wizard and a thumbnail gallery display.


Magically Recover Office Documents Office Recovery is able to retrieve files created by Microsoft Office programs like Word and Excel as well as files in the OpenOffice and Adobe PDF formats.


Magic Office Recovery combines a low-level disk scan engine, in-depth document analysis engine, and a refined user interface to give best-in-class speed and the simplest usage experience.

Magic Office Recovery


Benefits and Features of the Microsoft Office Recovery Tool

Magic Office Recovery is made to restore lost and deleted files from storage devices that have been formatted, partitioned, damaged, or healthy.


Magic Office Recovery

Office documents, spreadsheets, and PDF files are all recoverable

restores the deletion of a variety of office documents created by Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice, Adobe PDF, and other programs;

recovers documents in OpenOffice, Adobe PDF, and Microsoft Office 6 through 2019 formats;

recovers files from unformatted, damaged, and healthy partitions;

supports various different kinds of storage devices, including USB drives, memory cards, hard disks, and SSDs;

a thumbnail gallery of recoverable documents is shown;

built-in full-size preview of documents that can be recovered;

removes documents that are beyond repair. Before being included in the list, each document is examined for consistency.

Engine for Low-Level File Recovery

a thorough recovery engine that is shared with Magic’s premier data recovery solution;

In a couple of seconds, a quick scan reveals the list of deleted documents;

whole disk surface is scanned thoroughly in low-level mode;

Multiple corrupted, formatted, and unreadable drives were used to test the data recovery engine.

Magic Office Recovery

Magic Office Recovery


Office Recovery Made Easy Magic Office Recovery is a highly complex yet incredibly simple to use solution. The Office Recovery program walks you through every stage of the recovery procedure using a step-by-step tutorial. Deleted documents are shown as a thumbnail gallery in an Explorer-like window.


Before the recovery, you may click on any document to receive a full-size preview. Because Magic Office Recovery has a built-in document viewer with no other dependencies, you can still perform it even if Microsoft Office or another office product is not installed.




Formatted, corrupted, and Inaccessible Media Recovery

Keeping a crucial document on a USB device that was unintentionally formatted Having trouble accessing a memory card or partitioning a disk? In all of these circumstances, Magic Office Recovery is made to assist in helping you restore your work.


Office data recovery software can accurately identify, validate, and recover a variety of documents in the Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and Adobe PDF formats by doing a thorough low-level scan of the damaged disk.


Comprehensive Examination

You may occasionally encounter a challenging situation involving a broken hard drive, a formatted partition, or an unreadable memory card. In this situation, go for a Comprehensive Analysis.


In order to find every single document that is still retrievable, Magic Office Recovery will read the complete contents of the disk, flash drive, or memory card in this mode.


This mode is based on Magic’s in-house algorithm for content-aware analysis, which can find supported files on severely damaged storage media.


Recovery of Content-Aware Documents

The most advanced data recovery solution from Magic, Magic Partition Recovery, uses the same data recovery engine as Magic Office Recovery.

Magic Office Recovery

When in Comprehensive Analysis mode, this low-level recovery engine does a content-aware search across the whole disk’s surface, examining data sector by sector and comparing the outcome to a built-in library of identifiable document types.


Microsoft Office file recovery software runs a consistency check on the file if it encounters a known type of document (such as a DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, RTF, PDF, etc.).


To give an uncluttered picture of all document files that are 100% recoverable, only those papers passing the consistency check will be included to the list of recoverable files.


Quick Scan and Instant Recovery

A document was deleted five minutes ago? Even quicker is possible to recover it! You may quickly recover recently deleted documents with Magic Office Recovery’s quick Quick Scan option.


In fact, Quick Scan operates more quickly than you can really remove a file!


Numerous File Formats

All versions of OpenOffice, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Office 6 through 2019 apps may create documents, spreadsheets, and PDF files that can be recovered with Magic Office Recovery.


More than a dozen different file types, including Adobe PDF, OpenOffice ODT, ODS, and ODP, as well as DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, RTF, and more may be recovered.

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