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Published date: 3 June 2022
24 June 2022 on 4:37 am




Kodi is the name of free and open source software for playing media files on digital TVs. If you are one of those users who use advanced and programmable digital TVs, you can greatly improve your TV operating system with the help of this product.
This product has a very suitable user interface for digital TVs and can be installed on operating systems such as Linux, OSX, Windows, iOS and Android. With the help of this smart TV software, you will have many wonderful features.
Dear users, by installing this software on your digital TVs, you will be able to watch movies, listen to music, watch TV programs around the world, create and create a list of your selected images, and view and do them. Sit a variety of games. You can do all the things that this software can do remotely with the help of your device’s remote control. The software also supports hundreds of CEC-compliant TV remote controls.
You can also choose the appearance and user interface of this product according to your taste. On the other hand, you can use this product to surf the web. This product also uses many add-ons that you can use to get more capabilities in the web services of this software.

Kodi software features:

Upgrade your digital TV operating system by providing a wealth of features
Can be installed on various operating systems such as OSX, Windows, iOS and Android
Enjoy a very convenient user interface for digital TVs
Access the ability to watch movies and TV shows from around the world
Ability to listen to a variety of world music of your choice
Ability to create image galleries to view your selected images
Access to a variety of computer graphics games
Ability to change the appearance of the user interface to your taste

Got a smart TV? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

soft puts your smart TV to shame. Kodi plays almost every kind of media you can find and looks great while doing it! Here are just a few things Kodi excels at:


Your music collection has never looked this good! Support for almost every format, playlists, party mixes and more.


So much better than a pile of DVDs on a shelf. Kodi brings your movie collection to life with artwork, cast, genres and more.


TV Shows

Perfect for binge watching or the occasional catch up on your favourite show. Kodi keeps all your tv organised like nothing else.



this is the best way to share your photos on the biggest screen in the house with a personal slideshow.



soft allows you to watch and record live TV all from an easy to use interface. It works with a number of popular backends including MediaPortal, MythTV, NextPVR, Tvheadend and many more.



K odi isn’t just for passive entertainment media. You can also play games on Kodi. Pick from a large number of emulators, or even play a stand-alone game. There’s even extensive support for game controllers.


But wait, there’s more!

You can get a new skin to change the look of Kodi, or maybe you want to stream your favourite internet radio station and control it all with your web browser or mobile phone? This and so much more is all possible and easy with K odi.


Kodi runs on just about anything

its  runs on a huge range of devices and operating systems, including:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Raspberry Pi
  • macOS, iOS, tvOS
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  • published date : 2022
  • version : 19.4
  • password: soft360
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password: soft360
Download Guide

1. Disable Antivirus and Windows Defender. If the antivirus is turned on,
the program will not crack properly.

2. Install the program normally.

3. Go to the crack folder and run the crack file.

4. Done Enjoy!

* File password *: soft360

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