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IGdm v3.0.2 Full Crack

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author: soft360
Published date: 11 November 2022


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IGdm Instagram direct communications may be continued from your phone to your Windows PC with the IG: dm Instagram Messenger software.

IG: Dm is an open-source software that anybody may use for nothing, and incentives and donations are welcome.

Make new friends from all around the world by chatting with existing ones! Enjoy!



Continued dialogue

On the smartphone app, you may pick up where you left off in your chats.


Two-factor identification

For accounts that have two-factor authentication enabled, IGdm offers login support.


Turn off read receipts

A setting in IGdm enables you to stop users from getting read receipts.



A list of persons who have not followed you back may be shown.


quotation marks

A customized and practical method of quoting chat messages inside a discussion is provided by IGdm.

Save images and videos

In the Instagram posts that someone shared with you in a chat, you may save the videos and photographs.


Look for users

Any user may be found using a search, and a discussion can be started with them.



Features 14-Day Free Trial

Within the first 14 days of installation, IGdm Pro is available at no charge. Before using the License, you are not need to buy it.


Several Accounts

You may log into as many accounts as you like.


Foster Support

You may Login using a Proxy with IGd m Pro.


100 Discussions

Up to 100 of your chat chats will be loaded by IGdm Pro.


Sort the Chat list.

Sort the chats in your list by read and unread messages.


IGDM Delete Conversation


Delete a chat from your list of open conversations. Similar to how a communication can be hidden from the mobile app.


Browse Messages

To search through older communications that may otherwise be hard to uncover, use text searching.


Remove Messages

You have the same ability to remove (unsend) messages with the mobile app.


gloomy tone

You may alternate between the Light theme and the Dark theme for a better visual experience.


Rapid responses

With the “Quick Reply” option included in IGd m Pro, you can store frequently used messages and reuse them with only a few clicks.


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  • published date : 2022
  • version : 3.0.2
  • password: soft360
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