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Google Earth Pro last version full free

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Published date: 29 January 2022
19 June 2022 on 12:54 am

Google Earth

Google Earth

Google Earth Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean.

You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places, and share it with others.

Travel the world without leaving your seat
With Google Earth for Chrome, fly anywhere in seconds and explore hundreds of 3D cities right in your browser.
Roll the dice to discover someplace new, take a guided tour with Voyager, and create your own maps and stories. Coming soon to more browsers.
The whole world, in your hands
Google Ea rth for mobile enables you to browse the globe with a swipe of your finger on your phone or tablet.
Create maps with advanced tools
Google Ea rth Pro on desktop is free for users with advanced feature needs. Import and export GIS data, and go back in time with historical imagery. Available on PC, Mac, or Linux.

Use Timelapse in Google Earth

Tour the world and see how our planet has changed over time through a global time-lapse video of the planet from 1984 to today.

When you open Timelapse in Google Earth, the animation begins.

Explore Timelapse in Google Earth

Important: Timelapse in Google Earth displays time-lapse videos on the 3D globe, which means it uses a lot of bandwidth.


For low bandwidth environments, or on older devices, it might take longer for imagery to come into focus as you pan and zoom.

The feature is available on both web and mobile, and we recommend that you connect to WiFi.

Search for places

You can use Google Earth to find places like cities, landmarks, and parks. Before you explore, you’ll find some suggested search categories like “Places,” “Games,” “Guided Tours,” and “Data Layers.”


Google Earth


What you can search for

Here are some ways you can find locations:

  • City and stateMountain View, CA
  • City and countryPort-au-Prince, Haiti
  • Street nameNewbury Street, Boston
  • Entire address221B Baker St, London, NW1 6XE
  • Zip or postal code02129
  • Longitude and latitude18°28’59"N 69°56’21"W or 18.4830556, -69.9391667
  • General placesMuseums in Costa Rica

Find a place

  1. On your computer, open Google Earth.
  2. In the top left, click Search .
  3. Type a location and press enter, or select it from the list.

Google Earth


Discover stories

When you search for a place, related Voyager stories may appear in the search results.

  1. On your computer, open Google Earth.
  2. In the top left, click Search
  3. Enter the place you want to find.
  4. In the results, under “Voyager stories,” you’ll find your options. To select a story, click it.

Experience places at random

To travel to a new, random location, on the left, click I’m Feeling Lucky

  • For info about and photos of that location, on the right, click the Knowledge Card.
  • To find related places and other interesting locales, click the link below the Knowledge Card.
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