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Published date: 11 June 2022
1 November 2022 on 11:21 pm





GifCam There are many softwares that capture the screen and each has its own features and functions, but none of them can be seen to record a screen with a small GIF format, and all of them in video formats. They record various formats such as Avi, Mkv, Mp4 and dozens of other formats.


GifCam portable software, great for when you want to capture video from your screen in GIF format, which means that with this software you do not need any additional software to convert your recorded video to GIF format. GifCam software with its simple and user-friendly design creates conditions that any user can easily use.

Description : The first time you run the software is an empty space in the software that displays part of your screen. You can easily record all the movements you do in this range by pressing the Rec button, and if you want, you can enlarge or reduce the software box while recording.


Basically you have two ways to record, the first way is to click on Rec once and record whatever you want without any hassle. Another way is to use the Frame button to manually create a frame for each task you do. The Edit button also works for both methods, you can use this button to delete unwanted frames or increase or decrease the latency of each frame.

GifCam is easy and fun animated gif making app.

GifCam has a nice idea where the app works like a camera that stays on top of all windows so you can move it and resize it to record your desired area


When you’re ready, click “Rec” to start recording or  click “Frame” to record a single frame.

GifCam is practical

While recording whenever GifCam finds the previous frame is same as the new recorded one it automatically adds delays (milliseconds the frame stays on screen) instead of adding a new frame and increasing gif size.

Add to this GifCam doesn’t draw the whole frame it draws greenscreen (transparent pixels) by comparing the alternately frames and just draw the different pixels, that saves a lot of kilobytes.



GifCam comes with simple and powerful frames editing,
To delete frames/add or remove delays, click on “Edit” button then right click on the frame you want to edit :



When you done recording and editing,
you can save your gif in 5 color reduction formats


*Windows XP doesn’t support “split button” natively so right click on the save button to get the save menu.




GifCam can be used in many creative ways like:

creating an animated painting using  MS Paint (264 frames just 17.4 KB !!)


  • Add text : with Add text you can write some text in one line or more, set the frames range, position the text , align it left/center/right , add shadow and change the font with the native Windows font dialog.
  • Two more Frame rate options for more smooth gif:
    • 10 FPS(0.1 second delay) the default.
    • 16 FPS(0.06  second delay) minimum accepted delay in all major browsers.
    • 33 FPS(0.03 second delay) minimum accepted delay in modern browsers, notice that some browsers doesn’t accept 0.03 delay between frames and round it to 10 FPS(0.1 second delay).
  • Open: open a gif file as you are the one who record it, so you can continue record , edit the frames and the delays, or save it to other color redaction format.
  • A new way to adjust frames delay: By dragging the delay label (each pixel = 0.01 second)
    Shift + dragging will add/remove delays to/from all frames (0.03 second is the minimum delay).
  • Disable GreenScreen: Shift + Save Button(or any save redaction option).
  • Capture cursor:  useful for demonstrating the mouse interaction.


  • Nearest: Nearest Uses the (nearest color matching algorithm) which produce a less size gif (this depends on how nearest the colors are).
  • Full Screen: GifCam ignores recording area and capture the Full Screen.
  • Recording different frames dimensions (resize while recording).
  • One Gigabyte Memory usage limit: to prevent slowing down the system.
  • Getting the recording area dimensions while resizing the app.
  • Other bugs fixes and tweaks.



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  • published date : 2022
  • version : 6.5
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