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Exploit Pack Pro 150.7 Full Version

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author: soft360
Published date: 21 August 2022
19 September 2022 on 1:17 am

Exploit Pack Pro

Exploit Pack Pro

Exploit Pack Pro is a multiplatform exploitation framework including zero-days and more than 39.000+ exploits, post-exploitation modules, undetectable and ready for your next target. Exploit Pack has been designed to be used by hands-on security professionals to support their testing process.


Who is behind Exploit Pack?

Exploit Pack has been designed by an experienced team of software developers and exploit writers to automate processes so that security professionals can focus on what’s really important. Uncovering threats and reducing the attack surface.

Exploit Pack Pro

Exploit Pack Pro

From exploit to shellcode

Exploit Pack replicates real attack scenarios and discovers potential threats in your secure environment before hackers do. Don’t stop at simulation attacks, take it one step further with Exploit Pack Framework.

Easy graphical interface

The advanced graphical interface of Exploit Pack makes it easy to use and supports rapid reconfiguration to adapt exploit codes, post-exploitation modules and utilities to the constantly evolving threats.

What the comunity says about Exploit Pack:

“Penetration testing has a lot of repeating tasks, especially when doing similar assignments for clients. For this reason, tools like Exploit Pack help with automating repeating activities. This framework contains over 39.000 exploits, probably much more than one might ever need.” –

Exploit Pack Pro

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