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Elcomsoft Phone Breaker Forensic 2022 Full Crack

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author: soft360
Published date: 9 August 2022
19 September 2022 on 2:09 am

Phone Breaker Forensic

Phone Breaker Forensic

Phone Breaker Forensic Perform logical and over-the-air acquisition of iOS devices, break into encrypted backups, obtain and analyze backups, synchronized data and passwords from Apple iCloud.

  • Break passwords and decrypt iOS backups with GPU acceleration
  • Decrypt iCloud Keychain and Messages with media files and documents from iCloud
  • Obtain synchronized data from Apple and Microsoft accounts
  • Download iCloud backups and synced data with or without Apple ID password

Phone Breaker Forensic

Supports: local iOS backups (iTunes); iCloud and iCloud Drive backups; iCloud synced data (call logs, photos, browsing history etc.) Microsoft Account (with valid authentication credentials); iCloud authentication tokens.

New features

Device-based iCloud Authentication

EPB 10 adds the ability to use a trusted iPhone or iPad to perform iCloud extraction without the need to input a password or solve the two-factor authentication challenge. This new authentication method makes every type of data extractable including cloud backups, iCloud photos, and synchronized data including the end-to-end encrypted types.

Extract Skype Conversations, Messages, Files and Metadata

The latest update enables the downloading of Skype conversation histories, files, contact lists and metadata directly from the user’s Microsoft account. Individual and group chats, text messages and attachments are extracted. The downloading of the entire conversation of an average Skype history only takes minutes!

For deleted chats and messages as well as for files purged from Skype servers after the 30-day retention period, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can obtain metadata such as the date and time the file was deleted, the file’s name and size, sender’s Skype ID and the name of the chat.

OneDrive, Vault and Timeline

EPB can now download files from the user’s OneDrive storage. The downloaded files include the content of OneDrive Vault, which is a protected cloud storage for keeping the most sensitive kinds of information. In addition, the tool can obtain metadata for files that have been recently deleted from OneDrive.

In addition, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can now download Windows 10 Timeline data synchronized to the user’s Microsoft account, enabling experts’ access to timestamped information about the app usage, searches and opened Web pages.

Phone Breaker Forensic

Phone Breaker Forensic

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