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author: soft360
Published date: 28 January 2022
22 June 2022 on 8:47 am



CPUZ enables you to find out everything about your computer you ever wanted to know with this program that gives you information such as processor name and vendor, core stepping and process, processor package,

internal and external clocks, clock multiplier, partial overclock detection, and processor features including supported instructions sets.

CPU-Z allows you to get some info on your computer, including Processor name and vendor;

Core stepping and process; Processor package; Processor current core voltage; Internal and external clocks, clock multiplier; Partial overclock detection.



CPUZ is a freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system :

  • Processor name and number, codename, process, package, cache levels.
  • Mainboard and chipset.
  • Memory type, size, timings, and module specifications (SPD).
  • Real time measurement of each core’s internal frequency, memory frequency.
  • Install and Remove

    Since version 1.51, CPUZ includes an installer. The installation offers several advantages in comparison to the stand-alone version :

    • The installation creates program entries in the start menu and on the desktop.
    • It installs the right binary (x32 or x64) depending on your system.
    Run the setup executable file, and let it guide you for the installation process.
    You can remove the program either from the Add or Remove Programs window (from Settings, Control Panel), or choose Uninstall CPU-Z from Start menu, Programs, CPUID, CPU-Z.
  • Configuration file
    CPUZ uses a configuration file, cpuz.ini, that allows to set several parameters for the program. The cpuz.ini file must be in the same directory as cpuz.exe. Note that the use of this file is optional. If no .ini file is found, default values will be used. It looks like this :[CPU-Z]
  • It is a very useful software for viewing complete information about your system CPU.
  • In fact, the CPU-Z software specializes in conducting a thorough autopsy of your CPU and reporting it along with cache details (cache), and your computer’s main board or motherboard. You can use CPU-Z software to track the components used in your system.
  • It gives you very important information about the CPU, such as the name of the processor, the brand of the technology used in your CPU, the speed and amount of cache used in the CPU, and so on.
  • In the Cache tab, in this section, you will see the level one cache and level two cache information, which if you have a dual-core CPU, you can see the caches used in it.

    CPU-Z software capabilities

    Show CPU including type, speed and amount of cache used

    Show the CPU cache specifications and the amount of cache used in it
    Show motherboard specifications including manufacturer, chipset, model
    Show Bios version specifications and build date
    Graphics card specifications and speed
    Demonstrate the exact specifications of the RAM used on the system

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  • published date : 2022
  • version : 2.0.0
  • format : zip
  • password: soft360
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password: soft360
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