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Classroom Spy Professional Edition Cracked

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Published date: 28 April 2022
18 June 2022 on 4:15 am

Classroom Spy Professional Edition

Classroom Spy Pro

monitoring software is an essential tool for improving student engagement and class productivity. Built-in classroom monitoring lets you see what everyone’s doing – without leaving your desk. You can monitor the activity of all student computers in your school remotely. Plus, you can share your screen with your students’ record activity, control computers, make demos, limit the internet usage, block applications and much more.

What is Classroom Spy?

In short, it is a process that ensures teachers to run lessons smoothly, keeping students organized, productive, and focused on tasks.

Effective classroom management may be difficult to achieve for many teachers because it is almost impossible for them to eliminate disruptions of some students, especially when computers are used in the teaching process.

Use of Classroom Spy Software

We have already talked about the challenges teachers have when trying to do teaching as effectively as possible.

Luckily technology can help with a wide range of different classroom management software. Thanks to such applications, teachers can keep students engaged while easily monitoring student activities because classroom monitoring capability is a part of every modern classroom management application.

Eliminate Distractions

Distraction elimination is one of the main goals of classroom management.

In those days computers are an essential part of many classrooms. While computers bring a lot of benefits, they offer also some temptations in the form of students trying to surf the forbidden web pages, play games, or try to install additional applications on the computer.

software can solve those challenges by allowing the teacher to temporarily lock computers, block illegal web pages, prevent certain application execution…

Regain Control

The teacher can sometimes feel powerless teaching a group of students when they are sitting behind the computers. It is difficult to know what each student is doing if you don’t see their screens.

As mentioned such software offers a solution in the form of monitoring where the teacher can see live computer screens of every student.

Additionally, the teacher can control when students are allowed to use the computers and when it is time to listen to the teacher or do some other exercise. Having control is crucial for successful

Personalization, Differentiation, Individualization

As we all know students differ in their capabilities, interests, talents, learning approaches… Such differences require a personalized approach to individuals.

Here the software can help since the teacher can use it to easily track the progress of each individual student. Depending on the individual student progress, a teacher can decide to lead the class differently e.g. by providing additional assignments for students that already finished their tasks, or provide help to students that need it.

Top Features



  • Show your screen to students
  • Take a control (mouse & keyboard) over student computer
  • Lock all students’ computers to get the attention
  • Record student computers screens to AVI files
  • Send and collect files
  • Execute several tools like power off, restart, hibernate, lock workstation,…
  • Prevent Internet browsing (block ports, block / allow individual web sites)
  • Start or stop applications and processes on student computers
  • Monitor thin clients, Terminal Services (RDP) sessions
  • Can be remotely configured and installed
  • Works on LAN, WLAN, VPN and Internet
  • Password protected
  • Multi monitor support

Main Features:

    • Displaying a live picture of a  computer.
    • You can take control of  computer by controlling its mouse and keyboard.
    • More student screens can be displayed in a table.
    • Computers can be organized in computer groups
    • A student screen can be zoomed to an actual size.
    • The name of the connected user is displayed.
    • Record classroom computers screens to MPG4 files.
    • Show your desktop to students or show student desktop to students
    • Sending & collecting files
    • Log off desktop users
    • Lock workstation
    • Clear desktop
    • Control screen-saver
    • Block Internet
    • Block applications
    • Disable printing
    • Disable Ctr+Alt+Del
    • Blank screen
    • Start program on student computers and see the output
    • Open web page on student computers
    • Multi-monitor support
    • Control over running processes and applications
    • You can lock selected student computers
    • You can display a message on selected student computers.
    • When lower bandwidth is required, the refresh interval can be enlarged.
    • Settings for the agent are encrypted and password protected.
    • Connection to a classroom computer is password protected.
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