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Battery Optimizer last version free with crack

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Published date: 3 July 2022
13 September 2022 on 11:23 pm

Battery Optimizer

Battery Optimizer

Battery Optimizer your Laptop Battery Life Easily

  • Extend your laptop battery life in minutes
  • Optimize and monitor your laptop battery performance
  • Easy battery usage management, alerts and more

Battery Optimizer will scan your laptop and determine how to get more life from your laptop battery.

Battery Optimizer will then provide recommended actions to perform, along with the estimated time-savings and other battery management features

Extended laptop battery life

Battery Optimizer can help you increase your battery life through advanced diagnostics and easy to follow recommendations and optimizations

Battery usage warnings

You can set up Battery Optimizer to monitor your battery usage over time and warn you when your battery usage increases beyond a certain level

Battery Optimizer

Unrivalled technology

Battery Optimizer uses the most advanced technologies and features to help you safely diagnose, optimize and monitor your laptop battery performance

Safe, Easy and Lightweight

Optimizing you battery life is quick and easy with intelligent profiles for quick settings changes. Battery optimizer is also light on resources and does not affect your computer’s performance

Battery Optimizer is designed to fix a problem that plagues most people, short laptop battery life. Most other applications just help you manage when your computer goes to sleep.

Battery Optimizer goes several steps further and actually tells you how much battery life you can save by turning un-needed features of your laptop off.

Giving you those extra minutes you need to save that document or get to the next level in your game

How is Battery Optimizer Different?

Battery Optimizer is much more advanced than any other battery monitoring or management application.

Battery Optimizer actually tells you how much extra battery life you can save by turning certain hardware and services off on your laptop.

You can then save those settings as a profile so that you can quickly and easily optimize your setting for your current usage at any time.

Battery Optimizer
Features that Battery Optimizer offers that no one else does:

  • Accurate estimates on how much battery life can be gained/lost by changing laptop settings
  • Advanced monitoring of battery usage over time
  • Shows time left on your battery when your operating system doesn’t
  • Easy battery usage management

Over time your laptop battery loses its maximum charge capacity, meaning it won’t last as long as it used to. You have three options when you get to this point:

  • Keep your laptop plugged into a power source
  • Buy a new laptop battery
  • Optimize your battery usage

With the reliance on being mobile these days you really cannot afford to be sranded with no battery left on your laptop. Optimize your battery life with Battery Optimizer


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