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ASUS Realtek Audio Driver last version

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author: soft360
Published date: 28 January 2022
20 June 2022 on 4:04 pm

ASUS Realtek Audio

ASUS Realtek Audio Driver is one of the most commonly used driver packages on millions of desktop PCs and laptops today.

Its primary use is to unlock the full capabilities of Realtek audio chipset on a wide array of ASUS PC configurations and streamlined reproduction and management of audio signals for both complete PC novices and seasoned professionals.

By installing this driver package, your Windows OS will gain the capability of reproducing basic OS audio prompts, reproduction of MP3 music,

local video files, online streaming multimedia, and also handling multi-channel audio formats, reproduction of many advanced audio formats, and much more.

ASUS Realtek Audio

Realtek Audio Console – Introduction

How to set the Realtek Audio Console (The example shown is with the UX581GV)

A.  Go to select Realtek Audio Console 

B. Main page :  You can click the icon to do the setting for Playback devices or for Recording devices.

C. Navigate to Playback Devices :1.Main Volume  2.Sound effects  3.Equalizer  4.Environment  5.Default Format

Equalizer: You can create a custom setting or select a preset setting.

How to create a custom setting ?

Input the preset name or select an existing preset

How to delete a custom setting ?

Please follow the steps in below screenshots.

ASUS Realtek Audio


ASUS Realtek Audio

Environment: Select a simulated environment preset: Padded Cell, Room, Bathroom, Living Room, Stone Room, Auditorium, Concert Hall, Cave, Arena

Note: Speaker Configuration is the settings for multi-channel speakers.

D.Navigate to Recording Devices:1.Main Volume 2.Microphone Effects

E. Device advanced Settings: In the Device Advanced settings, you can check the connector settings and connector re-tasking.

F. Information: You can check the version number of the Audio Driver and the current UI.

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ASUS Realtek Audio

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  • version : 6.0.1
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  • password: soft360
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