Abuse Lookup FIGHTING MALWARE Full Crack

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author: soft360
Published date: 22 September 2022
1 October 2022 on 2:14 pm

Abuse Lookup

Abuse Lookup

Abuse Lookup is providing community driven threat intelligence on cyber threats. It is the home of a couple of projects that are helping internet service providers and network operators protecting their infrastructure from malware. IT-Security researchers, vendors and law enforcement agencies rely on data from abuse.ch, trying to make the internet a safer place.


Abuse Lookup

Abuse Lookup


Initially launched as a private initiative of a random Swiss guy that wanted to fight cyber crime for the good of the internet, abuse.ch is nowadays providing community driven threat intelligence on cyber threats.

abuse.ch’s main goal is to identify and track cyber threats, with a strong focus on malware and botnets. We not only publish actionable threat intelligence data on cyber threats but also develop and operate platforms for IT security researchers and experts enabling them sharing relevant threat intel data with the community.

Today, data from abuse.ch is already integrated in many commercial and open source security products. Vendors of security software and services rely on our data to protect their customers. But it doesn’t stop there: organizations, internet service providers (ISPs), law enforcement and government entities consume data from abuse.ch to fight cyber threats targeting their constituency.

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